Cambric’s Powertrain Expertise

Deep Experience in Diesel Engine Applications


Cambric has provided design support for over 15 series of Industrial engines (from 50 to 2,100 HP), over 10 Marine engine series (450 to 1,900 HP) and five (5) Gen Set series of engines (from 1,400 to 22,000 HP). Cambric has diesel, heavy fuel, and LPG fuel experience. Cambric supports the development of engines for extreme conditions including temperature, altitude, and hostile environment. Cambric supports application modifications for Marine, Locomotive, Electrical Power Generation, Earth Moving machinery, and Petroleum applications. Cambric provides support for core engine groups, accessories, and external systems.


Helping Meet Emissions Standards

Cambric provides OEMs in the off-highway markets a cost effective way to meet the challenges associated with meeting NOx and PM reductions. More information is available on our emissions solutions page.


Major Areas of Experience

  • Engine Air Systems
    • Design of Air Systems for Tier 4 and IMO Compliance
    • Bellows & Hot Joints
    • Flex Pipe Connections
    • Exhaust Manifolds
    • Turbo Support and Adaptor Design and Analysis
    • Tier 4 Crankcase Ventilation Systems
    • EGR Systems
    • Aftercooler / ATAAC Systems
  • Engine Aftertreatment
    • Aftertreatment Design Support
    • External Emissions Component Packaging: DPF, Catalyst, Regeneration System Routing
  • Engine Cooling Systems
    • Thermostat Housings
    • Water Pumps
    • Hoses, Routings
    • Castings
    • Coolant Routings
  • Engine Lube Systems
    • Oil Filter Attachment Housings
    • Pre-lube Lines
    • Duplex Oil Filter Design
    • Routing of Turbo Lubrication Lines
    • Oil Filter Casting Design Support
    • Pumps
  • Engine Electrical Wiring Systems
  • Engine Configurations
  • Low Pressure Fuel Systems
  • Core Engine Group Support
    • Cranks
    • Rods
    • Cams
    • High Pressure Fuel Distribution
    • Cylinder Heads
    • Cylinder Blocks
  • Valve Train and Rotating Components
  • Large Housings and Casting Components
  • Basic Powertrain Development
    • Transmissions
    • Driveshafts
    • Differentials
    • Torque Converters
  • Dedicated Analysis
    • Modal Analysis
    • Bolted Joint Analysis
    • Fatigue / TMF
    • Thermal Analysis
    • CFD
    • G-loading Analysis